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Cobra Fishing Charter Testimonial

Best Fishing Charter Experience Ever


Hey Chris, I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the awesome trip we had on the Cobra Sunday.

This was hands down the best charter experience any of us on board have ever had. John and Keith are two first class individuals and they really went above and beyond any expectations anyone could ask for.  Captain John was really on top of it making sure to move us to areas that are known to produce fish. He even came down on deck between moves to help out with everything from rigging and baiting to getting lines in the water …10/10 for captain John.. 

Keith….(deckboss/mate) ? I’m not sure what to call him, but at the end of the day, everybody was calling him their friend…lol .  I’m not sure if he’s psychic or what, but he was right behind you as soon as a fish was on. Untangling my boys lines, rebaiting, cutting fresh bait , he even rigged all of our poles between moves based off the area we were going to. Keith would get lines in the water with his own personal gear and make sure EVERYONE caught fish. I really appreciate how he shared his knowledge and explained why he was doing xyz… he cleaned and filleted all our fish on the way back in, explaining  the cuts, and his preference on cooking each species….I’d fish any boat that Keith was on and have nothing but good things to say about him…everyone got off the boat at the end of the day feeling like we were with lifetime friends, thanks again.

Adam Roberts